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KIJPA was founded in 1966, and is a network of organizations providing services of taxation, accounting, human resource management consultation and governmental procedures to all of the medium and small sized foreign and domestic enterprises and individuals. At this moment, KIJPA has more than 110 professional employees and 6 regional offices national-wide. With its headquarter located in Ochanomizu, Tokyo, there are another 3 divisional offices in Tama, Yokohama and Shibuya within Tokyo area, and other 2 offices located in Koriyama and Fukushima. There are over 1,000 repeated corporations and individual clients serviced by the KIJPA group so far. 

Recently by setting up Hawaii and Shanghai divisional offices, we expand our operations to overseas and we are able to provide more comprehensive tax, accounting, investment consultation services than ever before to support the needs of our clients. We constantly work with our domestic and international business partners such as, insurance companies, law firms, and real estate agencies etc. to plan out new services in the fields of investing, M&A consultation and tax saving to fit all kinds of needs of our clients.

KIJPA is a reputable member of TKC Corporation, which is a Japanese organization providing accounting and tax data and information processing services, such as accounting and tax return preparation support, for more than 9,000 accounting firms in Japan. KIJPA works closely with TKC in all of the fields of accounting, taxation and management consultation, as a result, our clients are able to access the average management financial data of each specific industry segments provided by TKC, share the management information to support their business planning activities.

KIJPA's main objective is to support and help both medium and small sized foreign and domestic enterprises and individuals solving their unique financial needs, reaching their objectives and strengthening their competitive advantages by fully utilizing our network of Certified Tax Accountants, Certified Social Insurance Labor Consultants, and Administrative Scriveners (Gyoseishoshi). By staying with KIJPA, our clients are allowed to enjoy one-stop services concerning all aspects of their businesses, and with our service network we believe no matter what the financial and accounting needs our clients have, we can satisfy their unique needs effectively and efficiently.

Our Service

KIJPA is an organization that provides accounting, taxation, personnel management and governmental administrative services. By our service network, our clients can expect to get full support concerning the following matters of their businesses.


Accounting services have been one of the most important business activities conducted by KIJPA over the past 40 years. Many other main business activities of KIJPA, such as tax and advisory etc. derive from our accounting services. 

By leasing accounting software to our corporate clients, designed by our business partner TKC, our corporate clients are able to easily enter their own journal entries with very limited resources. We also provide all of supporting services in regards to the usage of these accounting software including training, maintenance etc. for those clients who have no experience with any accounting software.

On the other hand, for those clients including self-employed individuals who do not have any resources to maintain their accounting records, we provide the bookkeeping services on a regular basis for our clients, and according to the needs of our clients, we can also help our clients to establish an effective accounting system in the future.

For those clients who keep their own accounting records, we regularly visit their company, check the accuracy of these accounting entries to ensure our clients free from any accounting errors, and give our clients management advises based on the these accounting records.


KIJPA functions as a tax agency, helping both foreign and domestic corporate and individual clients to settle the year-end accounts, prepare all kinds of Japanese tax documents, file the Japanese corporate and individual tax returns and consult all other tax related matters. 

Tax agency

KIJPA functions as a tax agency, helping both foreign and domestic corporate and individual clients to settle the year-end accounts, prepare all kinds of Japanese tax documents, file the Japanese corporate and individual tax returns and consult all other tax related matters. 

Assistance in lawsuit

Our tax accounts assist the lawyers in court in order to help our clients to defend their best interests regarding the tax matters.

Tax saving advice

KIJPA's tax specialists work with university professors, Doctor of Jurisprudence, and lawyers as a tax think tank to give income tax and corporate tax, for our clients based on each clients' unique situations. We also provide consultation and supporting service relating to tax levied on inherited property practice and other estate related problems.

International tax practice

tax consultation services to all of foreign and domestic clients.

Consolidated taxation consultation and tax return services.

By the network of our certified specialists, KIJPA's tax accountants advice our clients on the consolidated tax return matters, and help our clients filing consolidate income tax return.

US Income tax practice

From tax season of 2007, KIJPA's US tax advisors will help those people who need to file US income tax return defined by US tax regulation to complete their US tax return. By paying a reasonable service charge, from now on, our clients no longer need to go back to United States to file their tax returns.

Human Resource Management Consultation Services

KIJPA has a team especially deal with the human resource management aspects for our corporate clients and self-employed individuals. Our services range from payroll services to management and human resources consultation for all kinds or medium and small sized enterprises.


KIJPA creates workers register, Payroll book, Wage and Discharge allowance regulations and employment regulations for our corporate and self-employed clients.

Social Insurance Services

KIJPA assistants our clients filing all kinds of labor related applications regarding labor standard act, Workmen's Accident Compensation Insurance Law, Unemployment Insurance Law, Health Insurance Act, Employee Pension Insurance Law, Citizen Pension Act, and Nursing Care Insurance Act etc. In addition, KIJPA's Certified Social Insurance Labor Consultants represent our corporate and individual clients to claim the leave compensations, lump-sum birth allowance, maternity allowance, and accident and sickness benefits, labor insurance, enrollment and withdrawal of social insurance and subsidy etc.

Labor Consultation

KIJPA helps our clients to generate preventive measures and negotiation strategy against conflicts caused by wages, discharge allowance, labor hours, social welfare, retirement pension, employment, human-resource, employee bonus, termination of employment contract, retirement, education and training, and management for safety and health etc. We also help corporate clients to plan the strategies in the fields of organizational restructuring.

Governmental Administration Services

In Japan, there is a special group of people called ‘Gyoseishoshi Lawyer' or the ‘Administrative Scrivener' in English, who especially deal with the government administrative procedures, such as, company setup procedures, application of working visa or commercial licenses etc.

KIJPA has a team of Gyoseishoshi Lawyers to help our foreign and domestic corporate clients and self-employed individuals with the following matters.

  • Company formation governmental procedures supporting services including registration and application procedures etc.
  • Article of incorporation and conference minutes documentation services of various businesses including co-partnership and NPO organizations
  • All setup or legal procedures regarding charitable corporation, aggregate corporation, foundation, healthcare corporation, and social welfare corporation
  • Consultation services and application of visa for foreigners
  • The incorporation of residents' association and neighborhood association
  • First application and renewal of construction permission, alteration report, application of management scale valuation, application of bidding qualification
  • Application of restaurant business commercial license
  • Real-estate and building industry license application
  • Outdoor advertising permission application
  • No. 3 categorized mail license application
  • Business transfer permission application
  • Application of tour business registration
  • Possession of roadway application
  • Documentation of business contracts
  • Other government procedures

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